Homogeneous catalysts

Homogeneous precious metals catalysts are organometallic complexes which are dissolved in the reaction mixture. These catalysts are increasingly used thanks to their specific features, like selectivity and activity, which enable new chemistries.

After the reaction the catalysts end up in the waste liquid phases where they may degrade or decompose. These liquids typically have complex compositions and may be flammable, toxic or corrosive.

Offering highly efficient treatment solutions for those liquid phases is Inda-MP’s added value.


Precious metals

Precious metals are rare elements of high economic value. They are the most stable metals, therefore also known as noble metals, which makes them very useful catalysts. Precious metals are amongst the rarest elements on earth with mining industry in Russia and South-Africa being the largest primary producers. The combination of the metals’ unique properties and scarcity lead to high prices.

The most commonly used precious metals for homogeneous catalysts are Palladium, Rhodium, Platinum and Ruthenium. Gold, Silver, Iridium and Osmium are also used. Concentrations as low as a few ppm can be economic to recycle.


Homogeneous precious metal catalysts are used in a wide range of reactions. Typical examples are hydrogenation, hydroformylation or hydrosilylation reactions and Pd catalyzed cross coupling reactions.

Inda-MP focusses on the recovery of precious metals directly from the liquid phases originating from these reactions.

General reactions: Hydroformylation, Hydrosilylation, Hydrogenation, Carbonylation, Metathesis.

Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions: Suzuki reaction, Kumada coupling, Heck reaction, Hiyama coupling, Liebeskind-Srogl coupling, Fukuyama coupling, Stille reaction, Sonogashira coupling, Negishi coupling, Murahashi coupling.

Common catalyst precursors

Many different homogeneous precious metal catalysts are used in organic synthesis reactions by the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

On an industrial scale a catalyst precursor may be used as starting material for the homogeneous catalyst. 

Inda-MP offers robust solutions which recover precious metals from liquids in every compound or shape, both dissolved as precipitated.

Pd: Pd acetate, Pd black, Pd chloride, Pd nitrate, Pd sulphate, Pd(PPh3)2CI2

Rh: Rh acetate, Rh chloride, Rh nitrate, Wilkinson's catalyst

Pt: Pt black, Pt chloride, Pt nitrate, Pt oxide, Pt(PPh3)4

Ru: Ru acetate, Ru black, Ru chloride, Ru nitrate, Ru oxide

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