Inda-MP is a CPHI finalist!


Indaver's Inda-MP solution, the recovery of precious metals from liquid waste streams is shortlisted for the CPHI Pharma Awards 2022 in the 'Sustainability' category.
This award recognizes sustainable development in the Pharmaceutical industry and initiatives related to the reduction of waste and overall environmental impact.

This year, CPHI received over 181 entries across the 10 categories which span all aspects of the industry. All entries are reviewed in extensive detail by the CPHI panel of 17 Jury Members, who collectively bring decades of expertise from big pharma, consultancy, regulatory, market intelligence and academia. 
Each entry receives a score from the Jury on specific criteria, which include; innovation, outcomes, features and purpose, problem-solving and competitive advantage.
Top scoring entries in each category are shortlisted, and in the running to take home the trophy!
Inda-MP is a finalist in the category ‘Sustainability’. 


This award recognizes sustainable development in the Pharmaceutical industry and innovative initiatives for improving outcomes for patients, employees, the environment, and wider community. Including but not limited to, initiatives to minimize environmental impact, waste reduction, energy & utility saving solutions, sustainable and collaborative product development, innovative and sustainable use of resources, social outreach, employee training and mentoring programs, fair employee working policies, diversity and inclusion initiatives.


  • Implementation: Does the process of implementing the initiative include all the activities that need to be done to effectuate actual change?
  • Achievements: Has the entry/project performed with positive outcomes and high success rates?
  • Positive Outcomes to Stakeholders: Did the entry/project provide good results to whoever was involved in or affected by a course of action of the respective company?
  • Future: Does the entry/project provide an opportunity for continuity or expansion?

Hopefully we can take home the trophy!

2022 CPHI Pharma Awards Shortlist:
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